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Buying help
How to pay?Guide for credit card paymentsHow to use discount coupons?Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my order?Can you ship to my country?Customs clearanceCan I pay in my local currency?How much for shipping?How to leave a special message for order?Can we send files via this online live chat?Guide for Debit card/Credit Card/Paypal credit payment methodAfter-sale ServiceDo I need to pay tax?Guide for paypal payment
FAQ on GPS Navi map software
Language voice instructions in the Car gps navi map softwareWhen Navi software don't recognize your destination,how to do?Run IGO,prompt "program application database cannot be found."Missing or incomplete folder:/data/data/com.navngo.igo.javaclienRun Sygic,prompt "Welcome. Please download a map for offline useInstall wizard for Android Sygic Car GPS navigation maps apkHow to confirm the screen resolution of car gps Navi player?When do we send navi map links to download?how to add maps to igo navigation software in the gps device?Igo navigation map global_cfg not found, how to do?How to clear history data on car igo navigation?Fatal error occurred in main thread, Why? How to do?Step by Step Guide: How to find address in the igo primo map software via coordinate?Here’s a quick way to get your target coordinate via google map.Install wizard for Sygic Car GPS navi maps apk for Andorid OSIGO android system "Missing or incomplete folder:"Setup wizard for Igo navigation map in android systemTwo separate satellite status display with Glonass & GPSSetup wizard for igo GPS Navigation map (wince)Virtual keyboard in the igo navigation map softwareWhy we just update car navigation map datas, not main program?How to update Sygic GPS Navigation map software?Need our map software activate?What is Car GPS navigation map software?How to update IGO GPS Navigation map software?Car GPS Navigation map software Update NotificationCar GPS navi display is not normal in our screen. Why?How to confirm the operation system of car multimedia player?When we update GPS Navigation map software?Why no Satellite Signal? How to setup related navi software?Run android IGO software,prompt "Please insert your iGO SD Card.Igo8 software: failed to open file when runningGPS information in the igo primo software for automobile
FAQ on Car DVD Player
How to setup GPS map path in the gps device?How to setup 3G internet OperaMini5 browser?How to update car dvd radio player with Windows ce system?How to Use free Google Navigation map on Android Car Stereo?TMC(Traffic Message Channel) in Car GPS Navigation Player SystemDigital Terrestrial Television in the worldwideHow to Reset Car DVD Player with gps navigation?Traffic Message Channel(TMC) services AreaTurn off waring system on safe driving?How to update Android car stereo radio dvd player system?
FAQ on Front View Camera
How to connect front view camera?
FAQ on Rearview Camera
How to connect the wire of rear view camera?How to confirm special backup camera with rear license light?Installing Guide For Rear View CameraWhere to install the rear view camera for your car?
FAQ on Car Navigator tablet
How to run FM transmitter?In our portable GPS, why does the battery not last very long?